Shizuka Ishikawa is a good Japanese housewife that fucks her brother in law - JapanHDV

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Shizuka Ishikawa is a good Japanese housewife. She keeps herself busy every day cleaning and taking care of the house. She happens to walk in on her brother-in-law as he is busy jerking off. This surprises him and somewhat embarrass him as he is surprised his sister-in-law would walk into his room without knocking. She is turned on by seeing him with his cock out and he is horny from looking at porn and dreaming about fucking some hot Japanese girl. He kisses her and she does not resist so he goes further and takes a hold of her enormous tits and pulls up her shirt so he can properly see her tits. Her bra is pulled down and her sensitive nipples are exposed as he begins to play with them and then suck them. She is very excited at this and it makes her very horny. But she feels he is neglecting her pussy so she asks him to please put his hand between her legs and go to work on her pussy. He does and now since this is getting him off he wants her to take off her pantyhose and panties so he can easily see her pretty pussy. As happens with many Japanese girls, she has a nice hairy bush which totally turns him on. Shizuka starts touching herself and rubbing her pussy and then uses both hands to open her pussy wide for him. He did not know his kind sister-in-law was suck a slutty woman and tells her she must beg him to touch her pussy. He insists that she use her own hands to play with her pussy once her legs are spread wide before him. He loves this and now he wants to do it as well. He slides his hand between her legs and begins to finger fuck her. She moans with pleasure at his touch. He sticks a finger deep inside her and goes to work getting her off as a surprise squirt happens and she gets his hand all wet with her pussy juice. She has climaxed all over him as a new man fingering her pussy is so stimulating. Her brother-in-law is not going to need some attention paid to his cock as he has her suck it and then mount it. She has such large tits, it is a joy to watch them swing back and forth as she rides his cock.
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