Welcome to Porncomp.com

We know how webmasters want to embed videos and use them on your websites, and we have spared you the hasstle of scrapping porncomp.com in order to retrieve them. Feel free to embed as much videos you as you can since there are no limits on the number of videos you can embed.

How do I use your videos?

We recommend that use our embed videos as they are supported by practically every browser. Our player is also optimized to load on mobile and slow internet connections.

Can I hotlink your MP4 files?

We do allow hotlinking of our videos.

How do I use your images? 

We currently do not provide any data for our images. If need be, please contact us with your request and we'll take a look into it

Can I use the Porncomp.com logo and trademark? 

Using our website's trademarked named or similar/confusing names is not allowed without our consent.  We only allow the use of your logo for advertising.

Do you accept backlinks requests? 

Yes we do accept backlink request please mail us at  [email protected]

Do you offer advertising space? 

Yes we do offer advertising space on our webpage but with strict guidelines.  We do not accept any popover, popunder or any other types of advertising that we consider intrusive or annoying.

Do you allow guest blog posts? 

We currently do not offer any guest blog posts.

For any other questions or suggestions

Please contact us here at [email protected]