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PORNCOMP Now on CloudflareCDN

PORNCOMP.COM is now officially on Cloudflare and utilizing multiple services and benefits.

A detailed outline of why we chose to use Cloudflare's services 

Delivering fast web experiences is not just about moving files closer to your visitors.It’s about ensuring the first pixels load on your visitors’ screens as quickly as possible. It’s about optimizing the order of page resource delivery to make the page visible and usable faster.And it’s about knowing when and why your webpages are rendering slowly, and what you can do about it.

Deliver fast, rich user experiences for Internet applications that increase engagement and conversions, while reducing costs.
Consumers expect web pages to load quickly. Slow page load times can lead to high bounce rates, page abandonment, and lower conversion rates. Web pages are becoming increasingly complex and users are more globally dispersed; which degrades the user experience. Cloudflare brings content closer to your users by caching static web content on its network. Image files can be optimized to significantly improve load times, and dynamic content can be compressed and routed on the fastest, least congested path to the

Image Optimization

Images bring your webpages to life, but large-sized images often slow down webpages. Additionally, creating and managing multiple image variants for mobile and desktop can be complex.Cloudflare Image Optimization algorithms make image delivery seamless, taking the complexity out of the picture.Create bespoke image variants from a single primary image using Image Resizing, or streamline image delivery for mobile using Mirage, or use simple image compression with Polish.

Browser Insights

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.Measure the real user experience of your website as well as the performance benefits of using Cloudflare.Browser Insights lets you measure the TCP connection time, DNS response time, Time to First Byte (TTFB), page load time, and more from the perspective of your visitors all over the globe.The Speed Page on your dashboard also generates a filmstrip of screen snapshots taken as your webpage loads. This gives you a visual comparison of your website loading on Cloudflare with caching enabled compared to connecting directly to your origin.

Cloudflare Bot Management
Stop bad bots by using threat intelligence at-scale

Undetected malicious bots can damage your brand, steal sensitive information, take over accounts, and negatively impact your revenue.Now you can manage good and bad bots in real-time with speed and accuracy by harnessing the data from approximately 25 million Internet properties on Cloudflare.All with quick and easy deployment.

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You May Have Experienced Some Technical Difficulties

You may have experiencing some technical difficulties while on this site and we apoligize for the inconvienence.

We have been optimizing this site to improve your experience here.  

Here is our progress so far.

1. We have tried to optimize brower speed.

2. Removed some advertising that we deemed intrusive or annoying.

3. Optimized all photos to improve loading times.

4. Minimized pages to improve loading time you may have noticed some pages show less than before.

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Hello and welcome to PORNCOMP.COM

Feel free to explore all of our videos and please send us some feedback we are always looking to improve our site and your expierience here.  


Thank You,


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