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Amazing Promotional Tools From.....

LiveJasmin.  They have the best promotional media tools that Ive personaly seen.  

I am definately taking a few ideas from them to implement for PORNCOMP.

Enjoy Ive posted a few of there photos and feeds.

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Adult Pornstar Ashley Rider & PORNCOMP.COM

Watch adult porn star Ashley Rider talking about PORNCOMP.COM.  

Video embeded from youtube.

Thank You,


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Adult Web Hosting: The Right Way To Do It

It’s still one of the greatest moneymakers on the web. It still gets more traffic than most other web-based industries. So if you’re considering starting an adult website, it is certainly no wonder why. With some business acumen, a bit of ethics, and certain knowledge of the law, you can make quite a living in the adult web hosting industry. The focus of this article is the legalities of running an adult website -- or how to run an adult website without getting yourself in a whole heap of trouble -- and there’s a lot to it. So let’s get started. 

Laws relating to adult web hosting are localized, meaning that they vary depending on the town/city, state, or country both you and your audience is in. That can present a huge problem, as you the webmaster can only do your best to abide by each of the laws of each locality in which you plan to do business. Fortunately, most all laws in this area are based around a single concept, the understanding of which can help your adult website avoid getting targeted. That concept is: obscenity. 

Though obscenity has many disparate definitions, as it applies to adult web hosting it refers to such debasements as bestiality, incest, rape, and child pornography. Any site that promotes these items (and doesn’t get shut down by the feds) is probably faking. If the booming market in the perverse is simply too much for you to ignore, however, and you decide to dare to host an adult site promoting these elements, just make sure you fake it too. 

One test commonly used to determine a site’s obscenity, according to law, is the Miller Test, which states that if a website (or periodical, etc.) taken as a whole is found to be entirely lacking in artistic, scientific, literary, or cultural merit, as per the local community’s mores, it is deemed “obscene”. The best way to avoid your adult site from getting red flagged this way is to include non-adult content somewhere (preferably on more than a few pages) in your site. Think of Playboy, with its articles on politics and such. The bonus is, you can use this material to promote your adult site to a broader audience. 

A federal law that all U.S. adult sites must abide by is 18 U.S.C. 2257, which says that records documenting the legal age verification of each model depicted in a manner that is considered sexually explicit must be kept. No models under 18 years of age can appear in such a manner, nor can models over 18 years of age if they are unable to provide copies of sufficient age verification documents. 

And this doesn’t only apply to models you shoot with your own photographers. This applies to any stock footage you use as well. Don’t assume that another website with images you’d like to use has done their due diligence. You must always do your own. 

Your website’s landing page, or at least a preliminary webpage visitors to your site will view before being allowed entry the restricted, adult-content areas, must be a “Warning Page” that acts as a disclaimer stating that “this site contains adult material and should not be viewed by anyone under 21 years of age”. On this Warning Page it must also state clear that if viewing adult material is illegal in the state in which your visitors reside then they should not enter your website. 

That having been said, you are still not freed from the responsibility of keeping minors from seeing the adult content in your site. It just shows that you’ve put forth the minimal good faith effort to keep them out. If you were to get prosecuted for allowing minors to view the adult content on your site, a Warning Page by itself is a shoddy defense. 

How you take matters into your own hands is with an Age Verification System (AVS), which you must provide as a gateway for visitors wishing to enter your website. The logic behind an AVS is weak at best -- presuming that simply because someone has a credit card in their name, they are probably over 18 -- but it’s all we’ve got at the moment. What more can you do? If you can hire your own personal (or company) lawyer, all the better. Otherwise, we recommend having your site hosted by a web hosting provider that advertises its support for adult websites and maybe even offers tools (like an AVS) to help you to better run yours. Look around. They’re out there.

Don't beleive the sites out there telling you how easy it is to start a porntube site and make 100k.........  It isnt easy but it surely can be done.   

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Should You Block Porn Websites??

Should you be blocking porn websites from your home computer? Well if you don't like porn you should be. Do you have a wife and kids? If you do, you definitely need to be blocking porn sites with some sort of adult website filtering software. Porn sites are very sneaky in how they operate. You can get all kinds of adware and spyware installed on your pc that will only show porn related materials. If you have kids, this is one thing you should be really concerned about.

I am going to expose a few things to you that not many people know about. I have in the past run many adult websites, and have even worked for a few of the biggest porn companies in the industry. I was not the person filming or shooting, I was the person that works behind the lines as a web developer. I would help code the membership areas and the ads that the companies used. I admit I am not proud of the line of work I was in, but I'm here to help you stay away from porn and all the seedy things that come along with it.

The porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, but because of a downsized economy sales are at an all-time low. This is making the companies become more unethical than they already are. They are pulling sneaky tricks, like placing cookies to monitor your online activities. They are offering free download that install adware and spyware on your computer. This is only the tip of the ice berg.

The porn companies have what they call affiliates. These affiliates promote the porn sites and get a piece of the commission. What makes this bad though is the fact that these affiliates are suffering from some of the all-time lowest sales. You might think this is a good thing, but it is not. When you have people with no morals looking to increase their porn sales, they try to get everyone they can to their sites. It does not matter the age, race, or sex. They want these visitors and will market their sites on non porn sites, and try to expose everyone they can to them.

Believe it or not this is not the worst part. They will create something free for you to download or run an auto download into you temporary internet files and install a virus, adware, or spyware. These will give you popups to porn and all kinds of other nasty stuff. Now you might be thinking that is illegal, and you are 100% right. Think about it for a moment, we are dealing with unethical people that are willing to stop at nothing to get a sale. In their eyes, doing something illegal or unethical is just another day of work.

Now, let's say a porn affiliate is promoting a huge porn company, and the porn company happens to find out the affiliate is doing something illegal. What do you think they are going to do about it. When I started in the adult industry years ago, that affiliate would have his or her account canceled and been reported to every agency possible. You know what happens now, They turn a blind eye to it.

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Our First Blog Post....

I would like to introduce you to our very first issue of Fotografia Magazine.

Thats right we have created our own magazine and its not porn. 

The magazine is just pure self expression.  

Fotografia is pure art.  Pure photography. 

Check it out by downloading a free copy by clicking the link below.

Click here to download Fotografia Magazine Issue#1

One more thing.

Our very first online store.

Visit Porncomp Online Store – To see our current designs.

Wait for our next post to see what else we got.

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